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A dropped Spider Hook.

Spiderhook is an item added by Better Dungeons. Spiderhook is a variation of the Hookshoot that may be obtained from killing Shelob. Spiderhook is the fastest and longest range grappling device introduced by the Better Dungeons mod. Instead of launching a hook, it launches a spider web-like attachment. It has a range of 40 blocks.

Instead of being automatic like the HookShoot and LongShoot, the Spiderhook will only reel the player towards a hooked object when shift is held, similar to the Manualhook. Also like the Manualhook, holding space will reel out the line.

As long as it correctly hooked on to something, the user will take zero damage when using the Spiderhook while falling. It can also hook onto a mob and pull it towards the player, which can be useful in pulling mobs off walls.

Usage Edit

To use the Spider Hook, point at a surface and right-click. Press shift to reel in, and right-click again to release. Players who a very skilled with it can use it kind of like a rope swing from ledge to ledge, it does take a little extra practice, but it pays off.

Trivia Edit

  • Prior to Hexxit 1.0.7, this item was named Spider Hook
  • This can be used to "rappel" down a structure up to 40 blocks tall. To do so attach the hook a block above you then jump into a pit and no fall damage will be taken.
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