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A Starbeam Torch.

Starbeam Torch is a decoration added by the LegendGear mod that is primarily used as a light source. The light emitted by a Starbeam Torch is brighter than the light of a vanilla Torch.





Gold Ingot


Starbeam Torch



It is primarily used for a light source like the regular Torch, but it also has a secondary ability.

When placed within 6 blocks of each other in a line, a player can hold down shift and jump on one of the placed torches to float along the path of starbeam torches.

Starbeam torches act as a potential "railway" system, best used from higher elevations to lower levels.

Stand on the block containing the Starbeam Torch. Hold crouch then jump. Following the line of sight, you will travel the path created by the Starbeam Torches.

When you ride on the Starbeam torch beams, you can press jump to dismount. You will automatically be kicked off the beam if you lose too much speed or if you are going slow enough. To gain speed, hold shift while going downhill. When going uphill, release shift to reduce the amount of speed you lose (you will lose more speed going uphill if you hold shift than if you don't hold shift.). You can also put the torches on the sides of blocks and still ride them. Note that the torches have a hard time making sharp turns. When you press jump while on the beam, you seem to jump higher than normal.


  • There exists a bug where using an Electric Staff to move around will cause you to be unable to ride a Starbeam Torch path for some period of time; mounting and then dismounting a Chocobo will correct this condition.