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This item was removed in Hexxit 2.0.1c due to the removal of the Asgard Shield mod.

The Stone Shield is added by the Asgard Shield mod.

The shield has a durability of 131 and will absorb 15% of incoming damage even if it is not actively guarding.

Its special perk is Fire Resistance, and its weakness is Explosive Damage: Fire damage is reduced by 50% while blocking, but explosions will consume massive amounts of durability.

  • Standing one block away from lit TNT will consume an entire shield
  • Standing one block away from a charged creeper will consume about 90%
  • Standing one block away from an exploding creeper will consume about 30%
  • Standing one block away from exploding Fusewood will consume about 15%
  • A fireball from a Blaze or a Ghast will consume 5 durability
  • Standing on top of a bomb will consume 3 durability

The Stone Shield can be used by placing it in the hotbar, and right clicking with your weapon equipped; this is a handy way to switch between your weapon and your shield quickly.

Stone Shield-guard

Guarding with the Stone Shield.


The crafting recipe for this shield follows the formula for all shields. Here 6 cobblestones and 1 leather are needed.

Crafting GUI.png








Stone Shield

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