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Added By Better Dungeons

Strongholds are dungeon structures added by Better Dungeons that are generated from random components and spawn in Taiga biomes (Taiga, Alpine, Mountain Taiga, Snowy Forest, Snowy Rainforest). They consist of a surface structure called a base (Castle, Guard Tower, Skull, Tower, Tower1, Trees, and Waterfall) and a subterranean dungeon composed of 24 random rooms. The 25th room is always the boss room. Strongholds may be guarded by Armored Skeletons, Goblins, Armored Zombies, Gremlins, Specters, Minotaurs, Armored Golems, or Walkers. However, Strongholds north of the The Wall in the North will have Armored Endermen as guards.

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