Summoned Undead
Health 20 (Heartx10)
Damage 4 (HeartHeart)
Armor 0
Speed 1.0
Aggression Yes
Spawns Summoned by Liche or Necromancer
Breedable? No
Mountable? No
Tameable? No
Drops Emerald Shard 0-1 Emerald Shard
Added By Better Dungeons

Summoned Undead is a mob added by Better Dungeons which is summoned by Necromancers and Liches. It resembles the vanilla Skeleton with no weapon. When killed, it may drop an Emerald Shard. They will despawn if the boss who summoned them is killed.Friendly Undeads can be spawned with a Cursed Bone,and they will attack hostile mobs.


The Summoned Undead is slightly faster than regular Skeletons,but it is unarmed.It only has one attack, which is a somewhat weak punch.Similar to zombies,Summoned Undead must be in melee range to attack and it raises its arms up,hitting the Player.This attack deals 4 damage (2 hearts) with no armor on.


Killing them as fast as possible is a preferred method. They can quickly stack up to 4 and come together to form a formidable attack force.Area of effect weapons will easily obliterate a large group of them however.