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This item was removed in Hexxit 2.0.1c due to the removal of the LegendGear mod.

Sword Pedestal
ID 1186
Stackable Yes; 64
Type Decoration
Craftable Yes
Added By LegendGear

The Sword Pedestal is a decorative block from the Legend Gear mod that displays a melee weapon. The pedestal can hold most swords as well as scythes and glaives. Glaives, however, will be displayed horizontally and may be visually obstructed by blocks to the left or right of the pedestal. The pedestal will not hold swords from Tinker's Construct.

To place a weapon on the Sword Pedestal, right click with the weapon in your hand. The weapon should make a sheathing sound and appear on the pedestal. To take the weapon back, right click on the pedestal with an empty hand. If you have anything in your hand, nothing will happen.

Livingstone sword in pedestal

Livingmetal sword in pedestal.

When a weapon is present, the pedestal will emit a very powerful redstone signal. This signal, among other things, can be used to power a Skybeam Block one block beneath the base of the pedestal. The mod author states that the skybeam is intended to slowly heal the weapon.
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Sword Pedestal

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