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|Output=Meteorite Sword}}
|Output=Meteorite Sword}}
=== Giant Swords ===
{{Grid/Crafting Table
|Output=Diamond Giant Sword}}
Excluding the recipes below, the above may have the diamonds replaced with any appropriate material.
*Note: Wooden Giant swords can only be crafted with Oak, Spruce, Jungle, or Birch logs.
[[Skull Giant Sword]]
|B2=Skeleton Skull
|Output=Skull Giant Sword}}
[[Ender Giant Sword]]
|A3=Blaze Rod
|B2=Eye of Ender
|Output=Ender Giant Sword}}
[[Nether Quartz Giant Sword]]
|A2=Nether Quartz
|A3=Blaze Rod
|B1=Nether Quartz
|B2=Nether Quartz
|B3=Nether Quartz
|C1=Nether Quartz
|C2=Nether Quartz
|Output=Nether Quartz Giant Sword}}
[[Patchwork Giant Sword]]
|A2=Rotten Flesh
|A3=Rotten Flesh
|B1=Rotten Flesh
|B2=Rotten Flesh
|B3=Rotten Flesh
|C1=Rotten Flesh
|C2=Rotten Flesh
|Output=Patchwork Giant Sword}}
== Tinkerer's Construct ==
== Tinkerer's Construct ==

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The Sword is a basic fighting item found in Minecraft with Hexxit adding more types and variations.  There are swords from Vanilla MineCraft, Swords from other mods, and then there are swords which require a completely different crafting system from Tinker's Construct.  The list below is incomplete.

Swords deal more damage than tools. Swords can also gather string from Cobwebs faster than any tool (except shears), but they take double durability damage from breaking blocks.

The sword can destroy all other blocks 1.5x faster than using hands/tool not intended for the block.

Holding right click will result in most swords blocking, taking half damage. Some swords have special abilities with their right click and may not reduce damage as expected. If a shield is in the hotbar, you will switch to the shield while attempting to block with the sword and once released you will return to the sword after a few moments.

Sword Damage List & Effects

Image Material Damage Additional Effects
Grid Slime Sword Slime 3 Applies Nausea I on target for 0.5 seconds
Grid Ghostwood Sword Ghostwood 4
Grid Wooden Sword Wood 5
Grid Golden Sword Gold 5
Grid Nether Quartz Sword Quartz 5
Grid Darkwood Sword Darkwood 5
Grid Stone Sword Stone 6
Grid Fusewood Sword Fusewood 6
Grid Livingmetal Sword Livingmetal 6
Grid Ironwood Sword Ironwood 6
Grid Biomass Sword Biomass 6
Grid Frezarite Sword Frezarite 6 Applies Slowness II on target for 1 second.
Grid Iron Sword Iron 7
Grid Bloodwood Sword Bloodwood 7
Grid Steeleaf Sword Steeleaf 7
Grid Diamond Sword Diamond

Grid Fiery Sword Fiery 8 Sets target on fire for 1 damage for 3 ticks.
Grid Meteorite Sword Meteorite 8 Has natural Magnetization I enchantment, pulling items nearby
Grid Kreknorite Sword Kreknorite 8 Has natural Fire Aspect II enchantment, dealing up to 7 fire damage.

Giant Sword Damage List

Image Material Damage Additional Effects
Grid Golden Giant Sword Gold 6
Grid Wooden Giant Sword Wood 6
Grid Patchwork Giant Sword Patchwork 6
Grid Stone Giant Sword Stone 7
Grid Skull Giant Sword Skull 7 Can't deal damage to skeletons
Grid Iron Giant Sword Iron 8
Grid Nether Quartz Giant Sword Quartz 8
Grid Livingmetal Giant Sword Livingmetal 8 Has natural Knockback II enchantment
Grid Biomass Giant Sword Biomass 8
Grid Diamond Giant Sword Diamond 9
Grid Ender Giant Sword Ender 9
185px-2013-07-02 12.46.37

A player holding a Diamond Giant Sword.


Standard Swords

Crafting GUI.png




Diamond Sword

Standard Minecraft recipes all follow this standard set-up replacing the diamond with an appropriate material. Quartz sword can use any types of quartz block in place of the diamond.

  • Note: All Meteorite Tools need iron ingots instead of sticks.
Crafting GUI.png

Meteor Chip

Meteor Chip

Iron Ingot

Meteorite Sword


Tinkerer's Construct

Note: This section is incomplete.

There are various types of swords that can be created by Tinkers' Construct.  It is a completely different type of crafting system than Minecraft's built in system with crafting tables.  There are Broadswords, Longswords, Rapiers, Daggers, Cutlasses, Cleavers, and Large Swords.  To read more about Tinker's Construct, click here

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