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Swords are basic melee items found in Minecraft, with Hexxit adding more types and hi variations.  There are swords from Vanilla Minecraft, swords from mods, and swords which require a completely different crafting system added by Tinker's Construct.

Swords deal more damage than all tools. Swords can also gather string from Cobwebs faster than any tool (except shears), but they take double durability damage from breaking blocks.

The sword can destroy all other blocks 1.5x faster than using something not intended for the block.

Holding right click will result in most swords blocking, taking half damage. Some swords have special abilities with their right click, and may not reduce damage as expected. If a shield is in the hotbar, you will switch to the shield while attempting to block with the sword, and once released you will return to the sword after a few moments.

The strongest melee swords without Enchanting or cheating are the Diamond Giant Sword and Ender Giant Sword(Verification Needed).

Sword Damage List & Effects

]]Image Material Damage Durability Additional Effects
Grid Slime Sword.png Slime 3 11
  • Applies Nausea I on target for 0.5 seconds
Grid Ghostwood Sword.png Ghostwood 4 59
Grid Wooden Sword.png Wood 4 59
Grid Golden Sword.png Gold 4 32
Grid Nether Quartz Sword.png Quartz 5 131
Grid Darkwood Sword.png Darkwood 5 131
Grid Stone Sword.png Stone 5 131
Grid Fusewood Sword.png Fusewood 6 250
Grid Livingmetal Sword.png Livingmetal 6 250
  • Durability repairs when collecting souls.
Grid Ironwood Sword.png Ironwood 6 512
Grid Biomass Sword.png Biomass 6 150
  • Durability repairs when collecting blood.
Grid Frezarite Sword.png Frezarite 6 225
  • Applies Slowness II on target for 1 second.
Grid Iron Sword.png Iron 6 250
Grid Bloodwood Sword.png Bloodwood 7 350
Grid Steeleaf Sword.png Steeleaf 7 131
Grid Diamond Sword.png Diamond 1561
Grid Fiery Sword.png Fiery 8 1024
  • Has natural Fire Aspect I enchantment(Verification Needed).
Grid Meteorite Sword.png Meteorite 8 900
  • Has natural Magnetization I enchantment, pulling items nearby
Grid Kreknorite Sword.png Kreknorite 8 900
  • Has natural Fire Aspect II enchantment, dealing up to 7 fire damage.

Bigsword Damage List

Image Material Damage Durability Additional Effects
Grid Iron Bigsword.png Iron Bigsword 10 250 Sword does 1-9 splash damage when using the charge-up attack (holding right mouse button).  This does more damage the longer the mouse button is held down.  This ability uses 2 durability per mob hit with the splash damage.
Grid Diamond Bigsword.png
Diamond Bigsword Sword does 1-15 splash damage when using the charge-up attack (holding right mouse button).  This does more damage the longer the mouse button is held down.  This ability uses 2 durability per mob hit with the splash damage.
Grid Monking Bigsword.png Monking Sword

6 splash damage when using the charge-up attack (holding right mouse button).  This does not need to be charged and will not do more damage if the mouse button is held down longer.  This ability uses 1-2 durability per mob hit with the splash damage.


Standard Swords




Diamond Sword

Standard Minecraft recipes all follow this standard set-up replacing the diamond with the appropriate material. The quartz sword can use any type of quartz block in place of the diamond.

  • Note: All Meteorite Tools need iron ingots instead of sticks.

Meteor Chip

Meteor Chip

Iron Ingot

Meteorite Sword

Giant Swords

For the full article, see Giant Swords.

Giant Swords are a variation of the regular swords that will increase the amount of damage done by the normal variant. When guarding with a Giant Sword, damage caused directly by mobs will not be taken (i.e. arrows deflected, but fire damage successful).

Tinker's Construct

Note: This section is incomplete.

There are various types of swords that can be created by Tinkers' Construct.  It is a completely different type of crafting system than Minecraft's built-in system with crafting tables.  There are Broadswords, Longswords, Rapiers, Daggers, Cutlasses, and Cleavers.  To read more about Tinker's Construct, click here

Vanilla Items
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