Tainted Soil is a new dirt-type block found in the Nether, added by the Natura mod. It is a purple dirt-like block that can be used to grow Natura Nether trees in the overworld and the nether. Tainted Soil can also be used to grow Nether Wart which makes it a great alternative to Soul Sand as it hasn't the same slowing effect that can decrease the rate at which you farm (tested 05/07/14).

Contrary to what its name may imply, walking on Tainted Soil does not affect the player in any way.

Tainted soil fortress

Tainted Soil in a Nether Fortress.

Uses Edit

Tainted Soil and Heat Sand can be used to create Soul Sand.

Notes Edit

  • There are two other varieties of this block that can be seen in creative mode. The other two blocks, when placed, show as the regular Tainted Soil and serve no noticeable purpose.
  • Unlike vanilla dirt, it does not grow any form of grass despite it being a type of soil.
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