Default skin Steve,wielding a diamond sword.


Player's inventory,containing armor slots and crafting grid

The Player is the main protagonist of Minecraft. This is the entity that the player controls.

The default player is called Steve and he can be changed to another skin.Steve appears as a male human with brown hair,blue/green shirt and blue pants.

The player has 10 hearts or 20 HP.He also has a hunger bar of 20 points,which are replenished by eating.He can wield various types of weapons and wear different types of armor,improving his combat capacity.The Player can break some blocks with his fists,which deal 1 damage to mobs.Player can sprint,increasing his speed but draining his Hunger bar faster. The Player has 36 inventory space,9 hotbar space plus 27 reserve space.He can wear 4 pieces of armor,and as 2x2 crafting grid in his inventory.He can stack blocks up to 64 in one slot.


This is Steve,the main character of the entire game.

Vanilla Mobs
Playable The Player The Player
Passive Bat BatChicken ChickenCow Cow (Mooshroom Mooshroom) • Ocelot OcelotPig PigSquid SquidVillager Villager
Neutral Enderman EndermanSpider Spider (Cave Spider Cave) • Wolf WolfZombie Pigman Zombie Pigman
Hostile Blaze Blaze16px CreeperGhast GhastSilverfish SilverfishSkeleton Skeleton (Wither Skeleton Wither) • Slime Slime (Magma Cube Magma Cube) • Witch WitchZombie Zombie (Zombie Villager Villager)
Tameable Ocelot OcelotWolf Wolf
Utility Iron Golem Iron GolemSnow Golem Snow Golem
Bosses Ender Dragon Ender DragonWither Wither
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