The Wall in the North
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Wall at night
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The Wall In The North view from sky

The Wall in the North is a wall added by Better Dungeons that generates at -8000 z coordinate. The Wall is 15 blocks in depth, 72 blocks high from y 50 to y 122, and stretches infinitely from East to West. The Wall's purpose is to separate the North from the Far North. Dungeons have a higher spawn chance 50 blocks north of the wall. Addtitionally, these Better Dungeons structures are almost always guarded by armored Endermen. 

Notes Edit

  • The Wall in the North is a great place to gather Stone Bricks, as the entire wall is made of them.
  • The Wall in the North is also a great place to make into a base due to its long vertical size.
  • The Wall in the North, when combined with a powered rail, or other travel system, is a great way to travel east or west.

Bugs Edit

  • It has been reported by multiple users that encountering the wall can cause the game to crash.
  • The chunks that make up the Wall may not load properly, resulting in sections where the Wall may seem nonexistent.  This is not true, and once the chunks load, you may be suffocated in the wall.
  • It is possible to find Slime Islands generated on top and/or corsair (Pirate ship) in the bottom of the wall and destroy some of the structure. The same can also happen with trees growing into the wall.
  • Caves and Abandoned Mineshafts will generate under the wall, making it possible to go under the Wall without mining any bricks.

Trivia Edit

  • The Wall in the North is a reference to the books and television show, Game of Thrones.
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