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[[File:Thiefs_Hood.png|frame|Thiefs Hood]]
The '''Thief's Hood''' is the head-piece of the Thief Gear set, which is part of the [[Hexxit Gear]]. Wearing the full set gets you a Strength and Night Vision bonus, similar to that of a potion. The full set also grants you a faster movement speed. You can find more info on the [[Thief Armor]] page.
The full set consists of:
'''Theif's Hood'''
[[Theif's Chestpiece]]
[[Theif's Leggings]]
[[Theif's Boots]]
The recipe calls for five pieces of Red Wool and one Hexical Diamond.
{{Grid/Crafting Table
|A1= Wool (Red)|B1= Wool (Red)|C1= Wool (Red)
|A2= Wool (Red)|B2= Hexical Diamond|C2= Wool (Red)
|A3= |B3= |C3=
|Output=Thiefs Hood|OA=}}
[[Category:Hexxit Gear]]
[[Category:Hexxit Gear]]

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