• How do you add the recipe templates to the pages as well as the individual images? Completely confused xD Added recipe images before though.

    Also, for the Quiver page, not sure if I should add a new page or add descriptions for both Quivers. There are two quivers: the Legends mod one and the BetterStorage one. The description on that page is for the Legends one but the recipe is for the BetterStorage one...

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    • Guess I must have messed that up, I'll fix it later.

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    • Hi! Sorry for the late response aaah 

      I'm not exactly sure how to work templates, either. Usually, I just end up copy-pasting a template from another page, then editing it. Just upload any sprites of the item you have if they don't exist already, and type in the image file name when editing the template. 

      As for the quivers, I never even noticed that there were two different ones. I guess having two pages is fine, as I know there's two pages for Darkwood Natura/Twilight Forest. That's an awkward combination of description/recipe, though LOL. I'll look into it if THE BERK hasn't already fixed it :) 

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    • Quivers was already taken cared of by me.

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    • Also, every template should have a doc associated with it, you can find that doc on the templates page, if for whatever reason the template page does not include it on the template itself, it should be under /doc, for example: Template:Grid/Crafting Table and Template:Grid/Furnace both have docs. I've recently added the one for furnace and re-worked a bit of the crafting table. Those docs are what teaches you how to use a template.

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