• Hey! I would like for a discussion to happen on who should adopt this wiki before any adoption requests happen. It has been some days since this thread was created on here but no response. I am attempting to get ahold of known editors that seem to be semi-active on the wiki to add information to the discussion. You can find the thread at:

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    • Sorry for the extremely late response! School started for me about a week and a half ago, and it's been very (very) hectic since then. (Hectic as in I've only gotten 13 hours of sleep total this week - I don't know how much that is for college students, but it's unpleasant for a 15-year-old.) 

      I'd say you're definitely the most qualified to adopt this wiki. Had school not started, I'd be contributing far more, but I've fallen off the editing recently. Please feel free to edit the request and take out my name and any of that, if it hasn't already been removed. 

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    • There has been a lot that has happened during this time. I have spoken briefly to JeterNYY and a staff member of the community wikia had contacted them. You should be able to find more information on what is going on within the forum thread and the adoption request thread.

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