• He is tre creator of this wiki, and he is ranked 35?

    UNFAIR! :(

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    • the creator is not always the number one, the most active one is the one that deserve #1.. And from what i know he is inactive for months.. and why the hell you keep track of ranks, i only look at them something like once every 2 weeks o.O

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    • I know this is a rather late response to this~ but!

      I'm the creator of the wiki, that's it. :) I don't view myself as the "Admin" or "Moderator" of the wiki as my role here is essentially unimportant. All I did was start the wiki and make some edits on the front page before the release and shortly after the release. xD I should be like rank 100 or 200 or something because I've been inactive for so long haha.

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    • Yeah. I've started about 3 wikis, but I'm ranked like 20 something on all of them. XD

      (I actually only checked the rankings because of this post :P)

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    • A FANDOM user
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