• Hey, good to see someone that likes to upload images (since i dont like to :P )

    However, i suggest you to name the images to something related, so it is easier to find (people will prefer Emerald_Block.png rather than 2013-09-24_06.19.20.png right? :P )

    There are no rules about this (that i know of), but it is just suggestion from me so it will be nicer and easier to find

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    • Will do

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    • Actually, there are general naming rules for the grid-styled images. However, for anything that isn't "grid" styled (16x16 icon, 32x32 icon and 64x64/150x150... see Forum:Images for the yet-to-be-responded to image standardization conversation)

      I do suggest naming pictures to what they were originally intended for, in my naming methodology for the biome images i started the file with the biome name, hyphen, then what the image was about with that biome. Attempting to use as few words as possible since the name of the file isn't meant to be entirely descriptive but is to give a general idea of it.

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    • A FANDOM user
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