• Hey! I noticed that you've been adding some categories to pages that don't need to be added since their respective template auto-adds the category. If I may suggest a method to see if a category needs to be added is to place in all the content on a page, or make any changes necessary then using the "Preview" button and scrolling to the bottom of the preview window, you will see a list of categories that are either already added on the page (Via the category box on the right of the editor page) or by templates. A lot of the time, the templates do the work for you and will prevent categories being leftover once a template is removed or changed.

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    • xD thanks for clarifying, I wasn't sure what you meant by your previous post (as it said to manually add the categories and other things) so basically... Posts are getting double-categorized?

      Well regardless, I understand this post :) so hopefully I won't make your work any harder, are you seriously reviewing all my edits? XD if so you're a badass admin

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    • If absolutely possible i review all edits made, there are some cases where I notice an actual user having done great edits in the past and ill skip over theirs from time to time because it is less likely they mess something up but generally yes, all edits i review.

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