• Hey JeterNYY,

    I had recently blocked a user for multiple violations. The user being the subject of this wall post, User:Lhs970317. A lot of the content uploaded by this user is very similar, if not identical, to the other user who was blocked, User:Builderman0317. I am wondering if they are the same people and if extended blocks should be in place for both usernames. I intend to submit both usernames to the wikia staff to see if they say they're the same person or could be the same person.

    Any thoughts on this in terms of disciplining users that do this? Etc.

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    • They do look very similar. If we could find out what their IPs were it would help, but i cant seem to figure out how to do that. If they aren't the same person, you could always block lhs for attempting to impersonate Builderman.

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    • CheckUser is how this is done, which is why I would need to contact wikia staff. Help:CheckUser for more info. Here is a copy of the message sent to staff.

      Hello, I recently had to block a user on the Hexxit Wikia named Lhs970317 who had been uploading content that isn't appropriate for the wiki (nothing obscene), as well as placing the video content in comments and uploading multiple copies of the same video, create pages with nothing but a delete tag and various other things. This is very similar to another user that was on the hexxit wikia name Builderman0317 that had to be blocked for very similar reasons and that user is also suspected of using IPs to do similar edits of creating pages with a delete tag. Suspected IPs belonging to Builerman0317 at the time:,, Also an additional IP that was blocked for very similar reasons:
      I am wondering if these IPs and/or users are somehow related and if they are, I feel some action should be taken at this point to prevent any further editing, but such a course of action if any I want to discuss with JeterNYY and Marumaru315 (two other admins) on JeterNYY's message wall:
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    • I just checked my email and noticed a response to my support. It appears the Lhs person does indeed match one of those IPs.

      Brandon Rhea, Dec 29 08:06 PM:
      Thanks for contacting Wikia. Lhs970317 only matches one of the IPs you listed, though I'm afraid I can't tell you which one since that's private information. Lhs970317 does not, however, match Builderman0317, nor does Builderman0317 match any of those IP addresses.
      I hope that points you in the right direction. Feel free to let us know if you need anything else.
      Best regards,
      Brandon Rhea
      Wikia Community Support
      Looking for additional assistance?
      Check out our help pages at

      Note: Forwards of these emails can be sent upon request to any party involved.

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    • But he doesn't match builderman's, so he can only be charged with attempted impersonation.

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    • There are reasons however on why the IPs do not match or cannot be correlated between the two or the IPs even though the actions done by them suggest they are the same person doing the actions. Since we do not know anyone involved on a personal matter on where they live or if they moved, etc; it is possible that they did move, or perhaps switched ISPs at some point which would provide a new set of IPs that they would have never logged into the old account with, especially if it had been blocked already. It is also possible that proxies are being used to log-in with and are being used to circumvent the block on previous accounts/IPs.

      While this is all speculative, I intend to see where these IPs originated from and I will report what I find on their origin to see if they originate from the same company and location. The only exception to this possibly being the case is the 69.* IP due to the large octet drop compared to the rest.

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      • Look-up:
      • Result: Another IP that is registered in Korea. Seems to belong to the "Busan Education Research & Information Center" which doesn't have a specific URL under a google search but a related url was found in the lookup that gave me a website dealing with what appears to be a School District type website located in Korea and may belong to the above IP.

      End result: I feel most IPs should be permanently blocked if they belong to a server hosting company as they often belong to proxies or illegitimate purposes. As for what could potentially match up with Lhs is probably one of those first two, and that person logged in with one of them. If Lhs had matched two of them I would most likely have said that the user is matching the Korean ones due to the nature of those two (e.g.: a user logging in from home and while in school)

      This said, since I do not know the nature of Builderman0317's IP address due to lack of access (Also I believe that IPs are not private information, not sure why wikia feels that way) I cannot for sure say that Builderman0317 is using proxies due to the lack of matching anything but that Lhs has used a proxy at least once.

      I am not suggesting any course of action at this time upon the IPs suspected of belonging to a proxy or belonging to Korea. I am also not suggesting any course of action at this time with this post to do anything further with Lhs and Builderman simply because we don't know enough at this time unless the current admins feel there is enough proof to move forward with something.

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    • I just got back on and noticed Lhs had returned and done a lot of the same type of stuff that got him blocked the first time. This time I blocked them only for 2 weeks but warned on their wall that if they return and do it again they will be blocked indefinitely.

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    • Ok good job! Sorry I've been busy as I've just gotten back to school.

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    • Both Lhs and Builderman have been blocked for a year btw, as they both continued doing inappropriate edits. It isn't indefinite but it hopefully will deter them from doing the same types of edits when their block expires.

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    • Saw that. Thank you!

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    • A FANDOM user
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