• Hey CaptainPhoenix, I noticed you edited your profile page with an updated screenshot world image. I wanted to let you know that you could have kept the file name the same and the image would have been replaced automatically with the updated version as well as prevented unnecessary files being leftover.

    Another benefit of keeping the file name the same and just updating the old image is that the wiki can provide a more detailed history of the file instead of attempting to track down changes made over time on the photo.

    I intend to delete the older image however, unless you want it to be preserved here but I would need a reason to have it be kept.

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    • I actually intend to make a slideshow¬†on my page¬†showing the world "growing" over the weeks, so for now I'd prefer them both to be kept.

      I'll probably add it in in a few days after my world gains a few more structures if that's okay with you.

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    • That's fine. If you want, add a description to the images if they arnt included on a page stating what you intended to use them for so they dont become deleted by myself as I tend to look at if the description of the image before deleting unused images.

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