• I have a request for the Configuration File page - could it, and all other technical pages like that, be protected so that only trusted users could edit them? I don't feel safe having a very influential page like that open to all editing.

    In addition, I thought it might be a good idea to request removal of all anonymous user editing. This could definitely save us from a lot of vandalism.

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    • Good idea! Took care of it. What other pages are you talking about specifically?

      And as for removing anonymous user editing, I'm pretty sure I can't do that for all articles. Although there is a select minority of anons that vandalize, there is a majority that actually have important content to add. Our wikia, and all others for that matter, are built on our users, both registered and anon, and I feel it wouldn't be right to block all anons from the process for the actions of a select few. Plus, vandalism is a very important part of our job. Its part of why were here. Again, all the vandalisms you find, let us know about them after you fix them (if you do so). Although we let anons edit, we have a zero tohlerance policy for blatant vandalism by anons, and we will take care of blocking them. 

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    • JeterNYY wrote:
      Good idea! Took care of it. What other pages are you talking about specifically?

      If there are any other pages dealing with technical support, though I don't know if there are, they should probably be protected as well. I'll look around.

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    • A FANDOM user
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