• Your edit on it and tagging it {{Delete}} intrigues me, does that item simply not exist in Hexxit in any version of it or? Considering the links on that page are non-red and one of which was created years ago by a previous active editor and admin here it makes me question whether or not these ingots existed at one point in time or not and how they came about. We can certainly update the page to include historic information if they were used at one point in time and are no longer in the pack.

    Also, you can provide a reason for the deletion by using it like: {{Delete|Insert reason here}} - an example of this can be seen on a recent edit of mine to File:115_blockstates.png

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    • I don't have any clue of the traces of Frozen Iron in Hexxit. I know it's not in now, but if it was previously then I'm interested in what the treatment of a historical item will be.

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    • Well, I just started up the pack after not touching it forever, and changed versions a few times to see if it existed in the pack. I cannot find it in any of the old versions or 2.0 ones available on the launcher. So it appears that the frozen ingots are indeed not a thing as the recipes still matched what we have on the wiki here, using Frezarite instead of the iron. Must have been an update to the mod at some point either removing or adding them.

      As for archival purposes, I know mods like LevelUp! and LegendGear were tagged with the Upcoming template due to the new versions either adding or removing the mod. When this was the case, the Archive template was to be used on the page and then locked from non-registered users being able to edit the page when that version of the pack became the recommended/standard.

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    • Alright I'll need to incorporate this into my housekeeping awareness, will try to solidify in my awareness for the future

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    • A FANDOM user
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