This comment is a continuation from Thread:35170

After reviewing the edits done by ARGENTUM2 in relation to The Cactus Kid's page edits, I find that there was no ill intentions or unreasonable edits done by ARGENTUM2.

Grammatical, spelling, and spacing are all means to not having issues with others understanding the pages and having a uniformity between them all. I appreciate correcting these types of errors and see no reason why ARGENTUM2 would be in the wrong here.

However, I do see things done in the wrong by The Cactus Kid by actively trying to prevent a free-to-edit wiki to be edited by any user, regardless of their intentions. As well as swearing at ARGENTUM2, editing pages to put messages to prevent editing, using inappropriate means to communicate between people, spamming about this issue in a multitude of locations instead of either 1) Speaking with ARGENTUM2 in a polite manner to resolve this issue or 2) Speaking with (or posting on an admin wall) admin and await a response to the issue.

In short, I'm not taking any admin action against ARGENTUM2, and I am instead going to warn The Cactus Kid about using this types of means to fix an issue, as it is highly inappropriate.

Edit: If you feel my actions as an admin are inappropriate in this regard or you feel this course of action isn't appropriate, you may report this issue to Another Admin and see what they have to say about it.

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