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{{Upcoming|This item was removed in [[Hexxit:Changelog|Hexxit 2.0.1c]] due to the removal of the LegendGear mod.}}
{{Needs Images}}
|id = 6033|stackable = No}}
The '''Titan Band''' lets you pick up, carry, and throw other living creatures. The durability is lowered as the band is used to carry mobs. Any damage to you or the mob you are carrying will cause you to drop the mob.
[[File:Titan_Band_Recipe.png|thumb|256px|Crafting Recipe]]The titan band lets you pick up, carry, and throw other living creatures. Any damage to you or the creature you’re carrying will cause you to drop it. this is a good way to relocate villagers. some hostile mobs can be picked up without taking damage, including skeletons. experiment!
It is noticeable that the mobs you are carrying can't move, but can still attack. Because of this, it is not recommended to pick up Creepers.
It is crafted with a '''charged '''[http://hexxit.wikia.com/wiki/Earth_Medallion Earth Medallion], four leather, and four gold ingots.
== Crafting ==
{{Grid/Crafting Table
|A1=Gold Ingot
|A3=Gold Ingot
|B2=Earth Medallion
|C1=Gold Ingot
|C3=Gold Ingot
|Output=Titan Band
== Using ==
<gallery type="slideshow">
LegendGear - Titan Band - Holding Villager.png|Holding a Villager.
LegendGear - Titan Band - Holding Iron Golem.png|Iron Golems can be held.
LegendGear - Titan Band - Holding Spider Boss.png|Even some bosses can be picked up!
LegendGear - Titan Band - Holding Mosquitos.png|...And you can throw mosquitos.
</gallery>To use the Titan band, right click on the mob to pick it up. The mob will levitate above your head with symbols swirling around it. To throw the mob, right click with the Titan band. To drop it, switch to another item in the hotbar.
If a player is holding a Chicken, no fall damage will be taken by them. This is a reference to the Legend of Zelda where Link is able to glide while holding a Cucco.
== Bugs ==
*In SMP, you can lift other players. If a player who is currently lifted lifts the original lifter, it will cause a troll physics glitch, where both players will rise into the sky infinitely. The screen may glitch to show that you are flying upwards and return the camera to the original lift position, showing that you are still there. Any coordinate tools will reflect this. Once either player lets go, both will fall down from the current accumulated height. It is possible to re-lift and continue flying upwards while falling down again.
*If you try to pick up a saddled [[Chocobo]], the game will glitch out and the player will teleport very quickly between riding the [[Chocobo]] and their original position. There are two ways to fix this. A player may force crash by holding f3 + c (but this will cause the [[Chocobo]] to vanish), or right click the [[Chocobo]] with either an empty hand or the Titan Band. 
*You can enchant the item for free - e.g. unbreaking will extend its life.

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