Better Dungeons Trade Cog

TradeCog is a small ship added by the Better Dungeons mod.  This ship generates in Ocean biomes. This is the largest of the small ships and its unique, elongated shape makes it stand out on the mini map.


The TradeCog has ladders on its port and starboard exterior, allowing easier boarding.  When a player approaches the TradeCog, eleven pirates will spawn.  There are two pirates on the bow, three on the main deck, three on the upper deck, and three in the hold.  These pirates are capable of dropping boats into the water and attacking before you enter the ship.  Some pirates are armed with revolvers.

There is an empty covered area at the rear of the ship containing a ladder down to the hold.  Stairs on either side lead up to the upper deck.  The hold is also accessible from trapdoors on the main deck and a second ladder on the bow.  A ladder on the mast leads up to the top, but there is nothing up there.

There are three chests in the hold located behind the post.  The post base is has an iron block embedded in it belowdecks.  Breaking the iron block and the logs below it reveal a hidden chest with valuable loot.