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Turtle Armor is an armor set added by the Better Dungeons mod.  It can only be crafted from the Turtle Scales dropped by a Turtle Boss, which can be found in swamps or the boss for CastleWE.  Wearing the full set of Turtle Armor will provide 15 (ArmorArmorArmorArmorArmorArmorArmorArmor Half) defense and add a healing buff to the player, allowing constant rate of healing.It is the armor with most defense in the game.To get the whole Armor Set, you need 24 Pieces of Turtle Scales.

Healing Buff Edit

Each piece of the Turtle Armor set heals the player at a set tick time during a twenty-second interval loop. For instance, the helmet heals at 0 seconds, the chestplate at 5 seconds, the leggings at 10 seconds, and the boots at 15 seconds.  The full set is not needed to receive the healing buff, but each additional piece will increase the frequency of the buff.  Wearing one piece of armor will heal once every 20 seconds at its set time during the interval.  Wearing the full set heals the player every 5 seconds.

Turtle Armor consists of the four standard armor pieces: Turtle Helmet, Turtle Plate, Turtle Pants and Turtle Boots.

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