This is a small guide of what to have in your inventory when you are adventuring. Enjoy! If you already know a lot about adventuring, then see my other article, "Advanced Adventuring."

Tools + BlocksEdit

It's always good to have a stack of torches when adventuring, along with a pickaxe and axe. Bring some flint and steel and extra armor, preferably iron armor. It's good to have a stack of dirt, wood, and a few sticks. A bucket is the last thing you should have. Fill up your inventory with whatever else you may need, depending on where you are going. Lastly, stock up on ender pearls.


Load a big iron sword or meteor sword into your hotbar. Shields and TNT are good to get, along with a crystal bow and arrows. A staff and some Essences of any type are optional, but effective. If you want, you can fill up your inventory with other weapons of your choice. An easy type of armor to get is Meteor Armor, but diamonds are very common in Hexxit, so it is easy, most of the time, to get some diamond armor and tools. Iron is a very risky option, but it will hold out for a small dungeon. Any kind of armor made from Hexical Diamonds are most likely the best option for protection. Enchantments that are useful for dungeon gear are these:

-Projectile Protection (Armor)

-Fire Protection (Armor)

-Power (Bows)

-Looting (Weapons)

-Knockback (Weapons)

-Thorns (Weapons)

-Unbreaking (Tools)

-Decapitate (Weapons)

These are only some of the many enchantments in vanilla minecraft, and some added by Hexxit. As with most other things, the best thing to do with new enchantments is experiment. Or, if you're lazy, google it. Heh.

Freeing up inventory spaceEdit

Sometimes, when you are stuck in a dungeon, you find some great loot in a chest, but... dang! Your inventory is full. Well, you needn't worry. Most of the time, people have very invaluable items in their inventory when they are in a dungeon. You should get rid of the following:

-Seeds of any kind

-Extra cobblestone

-Extra dirt

-Vanilla mob drops

-Anything that is not valuable that cannot be stacked

-Armor or tools that are almost dead