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This section will cover starting a new world in Hexxit with a Smeltery .

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The first step you have to take is to find a good place to live. Remember you are going to need wood a lot in the early game. There are also many pre-spawned structures, so just go wherever you want to.

The second step is to get about 64 wood (16 logs) as well as how ever many you need to make your house.

The third step is to set up a small shelter / fort. It needs to have at least a 5x5 inside (7x7) outside. The building I have made is a 7x7 ring of wood topped with a fence with a door.

(From left to right) You need to make a pattern chest, part builder, crafting table, stencil table, and then a tool station. Set them up in this order or any way that makes the part builder touch the pattern chest.

The fifth step is to put four blank patterns in the Stencil Table and hit "next pattern" once and remove the pickaxe head pattern once. Then repeat this process until you have the pickaxe head pattern, the axe head pattern, the binding pattern, and the pan pattern.

Screen shot 2013-12-07 at 11.50.42 AM.png

The sixth step is to go to the part builder. In the part builder put the pickaxe head pattern in the top left spot and put wood in both right spots, then remove the pickaxe head, then put the pickaxe pattern in the pattern chest.

Next, put the axe head pattern in the top left spot and put wood in both right spots, remove axe head, put pattern in chest to left.

Repeat for binding pattern and pan pattern to end up with: 3 bindings, 3 sticks, 1 pickaxe head, 1 axe head, 1 pan head.

Then go to the Tool Station.

Finally you now have tools and a base.

Pick the corresponding picture then plug in the parts you need into the spot it needs to go. Then remove the tool from the right slot. Repeat for all.

Now go mining and upgrade your base with a bed and two furnaces.

Make sure you get 16 coal, 64 sand, 64 gravel, and 64 clay.

Go to the crafting bench and combine the clay sand and gravel to make grout (64x2)

Put a stack of grout in each furnace and put 8 coal in each with it.

Add a new section to your base. It needs to be one layer taller and the inside needs to be 5x6 (7x8) outside. I built it similar to the other part of my house.

At the back, add a 5x5 ring so there is a 3x3 gap.

Using the seared bricks you got from smelting the grout, make 9 seared bricks (4 seared bricks in a crafting bench 2x2) and put them inside the ring of wood.

Make 9 more seared bricks. Put a piece of wood on each corner and a place seared bricks between them on three sides (as seen in picture).

On the last open side from left to right put a... (made in crafting table, seared brick = what comes out of furnace, seared brick"s" = 4 seared brick) tank (seared brick surrounding a glass) Controller (seared brick in a ring) and Drain (two rows of seared brick on either side)

Get two buckets of lava and right click (or whatever you place block is) the tank with the buckets of lava.

Put a seared faucet on the seared drain and put a casting table below it.

Right-click the controller and put two gold ingots (or 1- 2 ore) into it. They should start heating up if you setup the controller right.

Wait for it to turn into liquid, then make a wooden axehead (explained earlier) and right click the table with it.

Right-click the faucet to pour the gold into the casting table.

Wait for it to harden and right click it to remove it. Then right click the casting table with the cast.

Put a piece of iron ore in the smelter that is empty (if not empty, break controller and replace it), and wait for it to melt.

It should look like this after smelting.

Right-click the faucet to make an iron axe head. Repeat this process for the wooden binding pattern to make an golden pattern and iron binding.

Go to the tool station and combine them to make a pickaxe.