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Difficulty Easy-Hard
Time Required 10-30min
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This tutorial is about general farm thoughts and concepts, for more specific farming systems, check the appropriate farm style (Manual, Semi-Automatic, Automatic).

Farming in Hexxit is often done very similarly to vanilla Minecraft especially when it comes to manual farm set-ups.

Manual Farms[]

Example manual farms for all plant types in Hexxit.

Manual farms require the player to interact with the farm in all steps. This means that the player needs to make the farm area, plant the materials, then harvest them all and then re-plant when necessary, which can make large farms tedious to deal with.

Semi-Automatic Farms[]

Semi-automatic farms require the player to interact with the farm in some steps. Whether this means that the player doesn't need to replant or just collect them all is up to the design of the farm. Most common methods of this type of farm is collection methods for wheat, carrots, potatoes or other products that require the player to re-plant the farmed item.

Automatic Farms[]

Automatic farms are designed to be a set up once and forget about it as it'll all be collected. This is the hardest type of farm to design due to the lack of methods to pick up plants in Hexxit modpack.