Hexxit is a mod pack that is more focused on exploration rather than settling down and making a base of operations. This can make running a base from any location a major challenge due to the amount of biomes, dungeons, and other sights that can be seen through any given world and the amount of distance necessary to travel to see these sights.

This tutorial will be more focused on getting a standard base set-up to start exploring from and is geared toward beginner players to Minecraft and Hexxit.

Step 1

The first step of vanilla Minecraft, as it is often in Hexxit, is to gather some wood and start a small house or location for the base of operations.

  • Remember that Hexxit has the Treecapitator mod, which causes all wood from a tree to be cut instantly, if broken with any kind of Axes, this is the reason a Wooden Axe is useful for new world.
Step 2

Keep in mind that ores do not spawn on specific layers any more so than they do on any other layer, unlike vanilla Minecraft. This should allow mining ores and other items to be easier than vanilla Minecraft. With this in mind, create a Wooden Pickaxe or a Stone Pickaxe if not done already, and mine some Iron Ore along with Stone to get Cobblestone for a Furnace. After some Iron Ore is gathered, either from caves or other locations, smelting the Iron Ore and making an Iron Sword should be an essential step to allow survival in dungeons and traps found throughout the world.

  • Optionally, the player can also build a Smeltery, this machine double ore-to-ingot ratio (for metal only) and therefore boost player's progress, but it is quite complex for new players.
Step 3

Obtain enough Iron Ore or Diamonds to create respective armor. This will allow longer survivability in dungeons.

Step 4

After some sort of base camp is created, and a weapon is crafted, going out to find Chocobos to tame with Gysahl Greens and crafting or killing Zombies for a Chocopedia can be done to allow faster travel between the base and dungeons which will make looting dungeons easier.

  • Backpacks can also be useful, so the player can bring more items per trip.
Step 5

After some dungeons have been raided, and loot has begun to gather, expanding the base to allow for larger storage and creating a Chocobo Pen using Straw for breeding Chocobos can be a good next start.

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