Redstone Always Night
Difficulty Easy
Time Required ~5 minutes
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This tutorial is meant to be done in creative mode, or with NEI cheats enabled as some parts of this cannot be completed without the use of non-legitimate blocks.


Hello, this tutorial is meant to keep your world always night, for as long as the chunk is loaded, in your creative worlds! This is great to make sure you don't have to set it yourself every time day rolls around.

Blocks Needed

  • 1 Command Block (id: 137)
  • 1 Daylight Sensor (id: 151)


In order to set this up, find a location to start and first place down the Command Block. Open up the command block interface and enter "time set 15000" (for early night, enter 12500 for start of night) and then press enter or click "Done." This will set the command block to toggle it to the time of day you wish.

After that, place the daylight sensor atop the command block.


Congratulations, you have now completed the always night redstone setup.


  • This set-up can be circumvented for one day cycle by spamming the "time set" command twice, due to the way the daylight sensor works it will not update quick enough between sends to cause the pulse to flicker.
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