Redstone Precision Time
Difficulty Easy
Time Required ~5 minutes
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Previous Tutorial Tutorial:Redstone Always Night

This tutorial is meant to be done in creative mode, or with NEI cheats enabled as some parts of this cannot be completed without the use of non-legitimate blocks.


Hello, this tutorial is very similar to the Always Day tutorial, however it uses a Hexxit related block to be more precise with the time range desired and could be adopted to be used for an always day or always night system. Please note that a big difference between this setup and the always day setup is that this system will fire more often than the other.

Blocks Needed

  • 1 Command Block (id: 137)
  • 1 Daylight Sensor (id: 151)
  • 1 Detector (id: 1002)


In order to set this up, find a location to start and first place down the Command Block. Open up the command block interface and enter "time set #" where # is the time of day you wish to set this up by default.

After setting the time of day command, place the Detector on any one of the block faces. Place the Daylight Sensor on top of the Detector block.


Congratulations! You now have a precise always time system! If you need assistance, take a look at the image to the right for reference setups.


  • Due to how the detector block works, it will fire twice. Once when the daylight sensor updates and causes the command block to fire its command, and again when the daylight sensor updates to the new time. This is generally able to be disregarded, but can cause some chat spam if the commandBlockOutput game rule is left enabled.

Time Info

See the Minecraft wiki for output information, as that is beyond the scope of this tutorial.