Survival after the First Night
Difficulty Unknown
Time Required Unknown

After you've experienced your first night, this is how to survive.

Getting StartedEdit

If you haven't already, make either a wooden or stone sword. You will need a stone pick or better to mine iron ore. Torches can be helpful in lighting up caves and marking a trail you can follow to get out later. Torches require either coal or charcoal. Without going underground, you can find coal in the side of cliffs and you can make charcoal by burning logs in a furnace (you can use the logs for fuel as well). Once you have torches and a stone pick, explore around near your shelter for a cave or a hole in the ground. This is an easy way to get relatively deep underground quickly. If you can't find any caves, just dig a staircase down into the ground with your stone pick. They break quickly, but you'll be collecting plenty of cobblestone. Eventually, you might find a cave system with some ores in it.

Better Tools and Better MineralsEdit

Hopefully you've gathered enough iron, make an Iron Pickaxe. Now, you can get better Minerals, like Diamond. Remember, ores spawn a lot more than usual. An easy way to find ores is in a ravine or alpine biome because these expose a lot of these important ores. This is crucial to your survival. When you feel like you've gotten enough Minerals for the day, head back to your shelter.

Dungeon HuntingEdit

Now, once you're at your shelter, look for some Towers. There is some pretty good loot in there. Anything from Golden Apples to Diamonds to Tools to Enchanted Books. Do not get too brave to the point where you become reckless, as some dungeons and towers boast a decent to hard difficulty level depending on your gear and skill level.

Do whatever you want, and get Achievements!Edit

Now you're all set, so go explore, eliminate the hostiles, enter the Twilight Forest, survive... and eat pie.

Things to MakeEdit

Some very good items that you should get (as fast as you can). 

  • A Giant Sword (iron or diamond)
  • Notch apples/Golden Apples
  • Iron/crystal bow (or better if you can)
  • Lots of arrows
  • Diamond scale armor( harvest scales from armadilloes)
  • Enchantment Room (15 Bookshelves)