The Turtle Boss, one of Hexxit's toughest bosses, is no piece of cake at all. It requires skill to defeat. A tutorial helps too.


The Turtle Boss will execute a spin attack, flying very far and smashing into the player. It will also shoot bubbles at the player that lift them up and drop them.

Once it reaches 50 health, it will begin regenerating health extremely fast. This is a dangerous time for the player, as all their hard work can be wasted in seconds. It must be dealt with quickly during this phase. Remember that slower weapons, such as Cleavers, will be next to useless here, and quicker, weaker weapons are much better. In addition, effects such as Wither or Poison (the former can be modified onto a Rapier or other Tinkers' Construct tool) will help keep its regeneration at a slower rate. Fire is helpful as well in this respect.


These strategies can be combined well, as they all focus on different phases of the boss.

Quicksilver StrikeEdit


  • Rapier (Manyullyn is best) with Quartz and Fire modifiers (Wither is good as well)
  • Strong armor
  • Whirlwind Boots

This strategy is very good for dealing with the regeneration phase, which is definitely hardest to contend with. The Whirlwind Boots allow the player to keep up with the turtle, and the Rapier attacks quickly and with strength, thanks to the Quartz modifier. Wither and fire will work away at the regenerating turtle, helping the player keep it in check.

Boing BoingEdit


This strategy is for players worried about the fairly unworrisome bubble attack. The Cloud Boots protect the player from fall damage, while they can deal damage even in the air (Cloud Boots enable high leaps) with the Fire or Dark Staves.

Spin DodgeEdit


This strategy works well to dodge and defeat the boss's spin attack, which is arguably its deadliest. The speed boost from the Thief Armor or Whirlwind Boots helps to dodge the quick boss, while the quick Rapier allows the player to get in several attacks while rushing past. The draining abilities make the turtle pay for each second it misses the player. The Lightning Staff propels them the extra few blocks to get to the boss.

In addition, this strategy can be used offensively, charging past the turtle, which can't hit the player easily.

Good luck fighting the Turtle Boss and obtaining the Turtle Armor!