The Walker Boss is one of the toughest bosses in the Better Dungeons mod. It is very hard to defeat, even with great gear. But that's what there's a wiki for!

Rapier MethodEdit


The arena:

Build or dig a long 4x4 tunnel. It should be at least 30 blocks long. You will force the Walker King into this at the beginning of the battle, so make it near (don't get too close!) to his spawner.

When in battle, strike continually with the Rapier, using its backpedaling ability to move backwards down the tunnel. If the King gets too close or sucks you in with the tornado attack, hit him with the wind staff's blast to keep him away (don't knock him out of the tunnel!) If he teleports around too much, just wait; he should come back eventually.

Slammer HammerEdit


  • Hammer/Diamond or Kreknorite Sword with Smite III/IV
  • Diamond Armor

This strategy is quite easy: Build a little chamber (against a corner of the tower is great) that puts you in a 1-block space. Hit the Walker King with a Hammer (Manyullyn is fine) or Smite sword as he comes at you. If he teleports, just wait a bit. He should come back. Also, this way you are immune to the tornado attack. The diamond armor is a precaution.



This strategy relies on you being too fast for the Walker King to get ahold of. Sprinting about like crazy, using the Lightning Staff to get out of his tornado, and striking while launching yourself with the Longsword is a great strategy and one that will work quite well against this boss.



This strategy turns the Walker King's tornado ability against him. He can knock you off the tower, but you won't get hurt. He will have to teleport to reach you; if he doesn't, that Legia Bow hurts. Once he does, jump down (or be knocked down) or just strike as hard as you can with whatever weapon you have that is melee.

Faster than a Speeding LeechEdit


(for attacking)

(for escape and attack)

(for escape)

This set gets you out of the tower, Walker King in pursuit, while you can hit him with occasional attacks to drain his health from afar (or with the longsword, should he get too close). He should eventually be finished off, but the Whirlwind Boots and Lightning Staff to maintain a sustained sprint are great.