This is a Tutorial how to kill the Hydra  (Twilight Forest

Tactic 1: Aiiim...Headshot!Edit

Requirements: A higly enchanted Legia Bow/Crystal Bow wich both feature a good Drawback-speed, together with the biggest ranged damage in Hexxit. Also you should wear Diamond Armor  or better.

Now you only need to wait for the Hydra to attack, then shoot whatever ranged weapon you have in the Hydras open mouth. But keep in mind you have to stay in the Hydras reach (10-25 blocks), otherwise none of your ranged weapons will be able to harm it.

Now just keep doing this until the Hydra is dead. (Be aware of its bite, its a potential one-hit-death for you even with good Armor).

Tactic 2: Spider.......hook??!Edit

Requirements: the Spiderhook from killing Shelob and a high damage melee weapon (if possible a Cleaver  from Tinkers' Construct) plus higly enchanted Cloud Boots, so you dont take falldamage. Armor better than Iron is recommendet.

Hook on one of the Heads and reel in until you are basically in the Head, then keep hitting it till the Head is dead. Keep doing this until the Hydra is dead.


-When inside a Head the Hydra cant attack you.