Underwater City
2013-09-08 23.58.02
Biomes Unknown
Type Unknown
Size Unknown
Added By Better Dungeons

Underwater City is a dungeon added by Better Dungeons that do not spawn naturally as they are a Work-In-Progress dungeon.

Adding Edit

In order to spawn this dungeon, you must add a property file to the %AppData%\Roaming\.technic\hexxit\Chocolate\DungeonConfig folder named underWaterCity.prop. The contents of the file should be:

biomes = Ocean
          chance = 5
          mob = triton
          icon = 10
          builder = skyscraperGrid
          #flats:number of flats
          #Skycrapers config
          #roomSize: how many blocks have each room
          roomSize = 8
          #rooms: how many rooms have the building
          rooms = 3
          #flatHeight: height of each flat
          flatHeight = 4
          flats = 6
          #windows: if true the building will have windows
          windows = true
          #Cave config
          #caveHeight: the height of the cave containing the buildings
          caveHeight = 32
          #caveBlock: the block used to fill the cave(9 = water for a submerged city)
          caveBlock = 9
          #posY: the height to spawn the building, (Ocean layer 63 - 32 cave height)
          posY = 31

This creates an item called underWaterCity.prop that can spawned into the player's creative inventory. Right clicking on a block at y=31 under the ocean will generate several multi-story structures guarded by Tritons.

Although the biome is unknown, it most likely will spawn in oceans.

Once it is programmed, it spawns naturally.

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