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Project Zulu - Universal Flower Pot - In Inventory

Universal Flower Pot in-game

Universal Flower Pot is an item 'added' by Project Zulu. The Universal Flower Pot is a nameless brown item found in the NEI index. However, it is actually a flowerpot modified by Project Zulu to have a GUI for any item/block.

They can easily be found in Twilight Forest dungeons and Nether city dungeons in the chests, since they both choose items at random to fill chests. There are also usually two in the pirate island dungeon. They will be in the same room as the jukebox. The island is very recognizable by the large red X on the top of the island, easily seen by your mini-map.

Obtaining Edit

The only was to obtain one in Survival is to go to the aforementioned dungeons.

In creative mode, you can use Pick Block on a placed flower pot, giving you Unnamed 140 (Flower pot Block)

Gallery Edit

Trivia Edit

  • This item can be found easily in nether cities.
  • It cannot be found using the Not Enough Items mod under "Unnamed" or any other search terms.
  • This item is actually a vanilla flower pot modified by project Zulu, making it able to display any item or block.
  • Although it bears no in-game name, "Universal Flower Pot" is the official, given name.
  • Non-block items will rotate to face you and looking down from above will show just a circle-shaped shadow
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