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Universal Flower Pot is an item added by Project Zulu. The Universal Flower Pot is a nameless brown item found in the NEI index. However, it is actually a flowerpot with a separate GUI where any item or block can be placed.

They can easily be found in Twilight Forest dungeons and Nether city dungeons.

It's just a block that appears in-game, it's not supposed to be item.

How to obtain

The first way how to obtain it is to go to nether city in creative mode, if you can't find nether city, you can generate it with special item. Then when you will found Flower Pot, click on it with middle mouse click (or with button you set up for "Pick Block")

Other way to gain it is when you have cheats enabled, write /give (yourname) 130 (amount you want)


Some pictures


  • This item can be found easily in nether city, however, it can't be found in not enough items mod under "Unnamed" or anything else.
  • This item seems to came from original minecraft.
  • Universal Flower Pot isn't official name.
  • This is not a Hexxit or modded item, why is this page here then?
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