Hello fellow Wiki'ers I'm AmbassadorArt, just another string on the interwebs.  I am a gamer and High-school graduate. I play many kinds of games, primarily Adventure, Strategy and Platforming genres. Minecraft is a key favorite of mine. I do plenty of other things in my spare time besides setting in front of screens pressing buttons though.

I like to contribute to Wikia and other Wiki sources that interest me. I'm pretty hooked on the Hexxit technic pack, but I'll be moving onto other gaming wikis in the future as I get to know them and play them. I'm currently trying to chip away at pages in need of screenshots, they are an important component to an article.

Contributing information to vast sources like Wikia is pretty great, gets your name out there if you do enough, plus you may learn a thing or two (or more) about your favorite subjects in the process.


Wiki This user edits the Hexxit Wiki when bored.

Userbox OS Win7 This user runs Windows 7 operating system.
Userbox Country US This user is from United States.

Userbox MobPref Better Dungeons This user prefers better dungeons mobs.
Userbox MobPref Twilight Forest This user prefers twilight forest mobs.

Userbox WepPref Bows This user prefers using bows in combat.
Userbox WepPref Giant Swords This user prefers using giant swords in combat.

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