Hexxit Wiki

Amazing how after all of these years, I still play this game. I doubt I'll be contributing much to here anymore, though, since this modpack has long since faded.

-- June 7th, 2017.

I'm back and fluffier than ever! ...But I lost my screenshot world. ono

Hello there! I've been playing Hexxit for quite a while, and like most, for a while I had no idea what some things do or how they are made. I've visited multiple pages on here only to find no information or only the "well, duh" kind of information about something.

In addition to attempting to contribute useful information to the wikia, I plan on adding at least one in-game screenshot of everything that needs it, just so new players can know what something looks like or where it could be found. For the most of it, I'll make a little room for almost each and every picture I take--No blocks randomly sitting on grass!

My screenshot world as of 1-10-14.

I'll also clean up any grammatical errors I come across and reorganize anything that seems messy. A clean wikia is a happy wikia!

~Stay fluffy.