aka Reginald Hartman

  • I live in Detroit, Michican
  • I was born on February 17
  • My occupation is Artist! I LOVE to Draw!
  • I am Male

About MeEdit

Im a youtubing minecrafter that love to PvP. My favorite armor of choice is Thief armor, being the fast yet deadly healer of the group of three people:


Armor Of Choice: Tribal Armor, Making him the Arching Pro of the Land of Minecraft.

Weapon of Choice: Krekonite sword and Crystal Bow- Fast Arching skills, and decent melee damage.


Armor Of Choice: Scale Armor- Fire-Proof Tank

Weapon Of Choice: Ender Giant Sword and Legia Bow- Accuraccy isn't Always key, but when it is, the Ender Wielder is The master.

Frozenbean27 (Me) .,

Armor Of Choice: Theif Armor- Fast, Deadly, and Good for Medics

Weapon Of Choice: Soul Reaper, Healing Staff, And Golden Bow- The Band-Aid Of Minecraft, Made to Heal And Kill In a Instant.

YouTube Channel

I Make minecraft vids And play minigames!

My favorite pagesEdit

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