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About Me

Hello there anonymous user, I am funAlways

My in-game nickname is usually funAlways, funAlwayz, or funAlwaysTheGamer (very rarely because it is longer than 16 characters, the sign length limit) You can call me just "funAlways"

English is not my native language, so excuse me for any grammar/spelling mistake (please)

I learn very basic programming (warcraft 3 world editor, to be exact) when i am 12, so i know how a program work basically.

I edit using source mode editor.

I play hexxit inconsistently (sometimes i play for straight 10h for 1 week, sometimes i play once a month), but i usually open the wiki at least once every 2 weeks.

Feel free to message me (message wall, IRC, facebook), fix my edits, and even edit this userpage for good purposes.

Anyway, if you want to talk about something, you can just message me at my wall

incase you are lazy --> funAlways (Message Me!) 01:01, September 10, 2013 (UTC)

Current Status

  • Uploading all images for pages in Template:Bignav/Tinkers' Construct Items while having free time.
    • Also added any info i know when i am editing the page for adding image in infobox.
  • Reverting any vandalism, or improved bad pages i find.

My Userboxes

Userbox OS WinXP.png This user runs Windows XP operating system.
Userbox Age Cake.png This user is 21 years old.
Wiki-wordmark.png This user has made [[Special:Editcount/FunAlwaysTheGamer|Special:Editcount/FunAlwaysTheGamer]] edits in 2905 days.
Userbox MobPref Hostile.png This user prefers hostile mobs.
Userbox WepPref Fists.png This user prefers using fists in combat.

Userbox Country ID.png This user is from Indonesia.
Wiki.png This user edits the Hexxit Wiki when bored.

My pages

Favorite games

  • Minecraft (funAlways)
  • Osu! (funAlways)
  • Pangya (funAlwayz) <inactive>
  • Warcraft 3 (no links for you! :p ), over 1k maps! (funAlways)
  • Terraria (funAlways/funAlwayz)
  • Actually i like any game that have infinity possibilities (physics games, sandbox, game based on maps, etc) or survival games.

Contact me

I am mostly active at Facebook (links below), the only social network i have, and i am rarely at the #Hexxit IRC Channel (link above)

Random Stuff

I like to watch this video somehow..


Magic Block Hexxit


  • If you edit anything in my user-page and sub-page for bad purpose.. Well.. i don't actually know what to do (other than undo it). xD
  • I hate it when people says "THIS WIKI IS SO USEFUL!!" sarcastically because a wiki page does not contain any info yet..
  • I hate people replying to old comment and says something like "omg ur stupid it is already in the page" and the comment is THAT old and is there before the info is added

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