My favorite hexxit elementsEdit

  • The Bane of Pigs. It's a weapon, and it does about a million damage- one hit kills EVERYTHING. Best in the game.
  • Coin of Fortune. It does the same thing the magnetization enchant does but the magnetization enchant doesn't begin to compare.
  • Cloud Boots. It makes you jump higher and not take fall damage.
  • Spiderhook. The best 'hook there is.
  • Tre ents. They're awesome :)
  • Chocobos. I love em. Finally got the gold ones. Also, if anyone has any tips on how to find the purple ones...?
  • Foxes, frogs, bunnies. Theyr'e so cute :3
  • Theif Armor. I love riding my chocobos with a speed boost.
  • Heart Canisters. Thanks to them, I now have 28 hearts.
  • Battletowers. Never gets old.
  • The Extreme Jungle and Lush Redwoods biome- best treehouse trees evah.
  • The Reed Pipes. I don't care that they don't have a good usage. I just like playing them around my campfire :)
  • Backpacks. What would we do without them?
  • Firefly jars. Best method of lighting.
  • Starstone and the Skybeam Block. 0.o Just beautiful.
  • The Clouds. Like, the literal block of clouds. I don't know how to get it and there's no info on it at all, but it's really cool!
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