King Oskar

aka Oskar Stančiak

  • I was born on February 5
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This is your user page. Please edit this page to tell the community about yourself!

Looks like I had no idea what to write here :)

I have Hexxit, and I can't control it well :)

I have created Eternal Fabric page, but I couldn't make anything great, feel free to expand it with any good information :)

I have also created Crumble Horn page, becuase it's my favorite tool.

I found another way how to crash your game otherwise than using lumber axe .

I hate Limbo as well...

Yes I know I am editing too much, at least I am not trolling, that's for sure :)

I also have a youtube channel, but it's crappy and I am not making any let's play about Hexxit, I am playing it because it's fun :)

About myself in Hexxit

Userbox WepPref Swords This user prefers using swords in combat.
Userbox WepPref Bows This user prefers using bows in combat.
Userbox WepPref Potions This user prefers using potions in combat.
Userbox WepPref Allies This user prefers using allies in combat.

Userbox OS Win7 This user runs Windows 7 operating system.

User's Age:22

Yes I know some stuff is up here already, but some things are missing.

Let's see what I have...

I am playing Hexxit on 2 computers, nickamed "Big PC" and "Base PC".

I am editing this wiki trough Base PC, also, I have 3 worlds on Base PC while only 1 world in Big PC

My favorite pages (Actually, created them and edit by myself)

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