Swegerefec fesh end cheps

aka Lol NOT TELLING you

  • I live in ._. New Zealand
  • I was born on October 12
  • I am (Fe)male. Hahah.

Hai! :3

I am not a stranger to Hexxit, I have been playing it for several months now, and I quite enjoy it.

But sometimes I do get a little stuck on what different Hexxit items do, as I am more familiar with Vanilla Minecraft entities.

So I started using the Hexxit Wiki!

But when I saw that some pages had spelling or grammar mistakes, I wanted to fix it.

So that is basically why I made myself an account.


I also love eating fish and chips =^w^= That's why I'm called swegerefec fesh end cheps (lol obviously) I had fesh end cheps today LOLOLOLOL K

My favorite pagesEdit

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