So I'm back for another round here at the Hexxit Wiki.  Word of a certain multiplayer server from a good friend i met elsewhere reignited my interest a in this awesome modpack.  Several months ago my interests and priorities started to split and shift away to things like other games, servers, websites, non-game activities and planning for College.  

This is the gist of what i say to internet forums especially, that its hard for me to pay attention to any one community or activity for an extended time or frequently.  I pick up, drop, and recycle sources of entertainment and obligations, though I usually make myself pretty clear if I decide I'm done with something for good.  Some things like Forum Clans or Faction Raiding servers demand a good dosage amout of activity and hours that I can't always supply.  Rarely am I able to visit all the places I'd like to in just a day.  

Readers, if you're going to get immersed in many things don't overwhelm yourself trying to add to everything every day.  Don't be afraid to announce inactivity from time to time and make a list of what you missed today and make those a priority tomorrow.  If you can't find the drive for something you like, drop or put it on hold, you're human, find something else, you change every day.

I'm glad to be able to be a part of this wiki and other wikis so I can spend some of MY time making wikia the best and broadest resource, one edit of one wiki at a time.

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