DeletedContent DeletedContent 25 February 2015

Reasons why Hexxit version 1.0 is still the best one

1: Asgard Shield. shy the f#ck did they remove asgard shield? it was SUCH a great mod, but they removed it! along with the removal of legendgear, this made Hexxit a totally different mudpack, and not necessarily in a good way. We need these mods back for 4.0!!

2: LegendGear: *sigh*. This mod I totally f#cking awesome. So why the hell did they swap it for ZeldaSwordSkills?!?! thankfully 3.0 brought it back (and updated it), but the damage was already done. this is also 1 reason why 2.0 was the WORST Hexxit version for me: It added so little and took away so much.

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