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    So, during the process of getting back into the habit of checking on this wiki as often as I remember to, I've found myself with a few questions that I can't really answer myself about how the purpose of the wiki and also some minor format stuff. I wasn't really sure if I should put this into the "Wiki Standards" forum page, so I ultimately chose to put this whole write-up in my "user blog" because it seems more approachable (and less authoritative, which I am not, really), seems easier to put multiple topics into one post, and seems to have gotten better responses in the past (though that was years ago, now that I think of it).

    Firstly, I've noticed that a few mods don't really have other wikis to speak for them. Obviously it would be best…

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    Hexxit Blog?...

    November 4, 2014 by Lavacreeper42

    Does anyone actually regularly use this feature? If so, go ahead and do, I guess. It'd really make the wiki more of a community in some way. If not, it's gonna be kinda hard getting that Opinionator medal series finished.

    I'm probably making this to see if there's any badges related to making blogs. Not that I care about badges.

    Edit: in italics

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    August 28, 2013 by Lavacreeper42

    Well....I'm destroying a mountain range and build a majestic city out of its remains to show I can...I'm pretty sure that's blog-worthy. :/


    The wiki could use some bloggers, couldn't it? Some sort of activity that doesn't destroy but doesn't necessarily have to do with the Hexxit modpack. 

    If anyone wants to start making regular blog posts, you could right now...

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