• Rikann-Z

    So, my first week on the HexxitWiki, and already I've gotten a request to become an admin (albeit for necessity, not for effort), and I've edited over 350 times! That's an average of 50 a day! My next goal is to add more pages to the Xeno's Reliquary page (one of my favourite mods! :D) for the potions and items, any help would be appreciated!

    As for my Hexxit wiki, me and my friends got a full set of the Hexxit Gear (Tribal, Scale and Thief), and spent nearly a full hour testing out their effects. Night Vision FTW!

    Apart from Xeno's Reliquary, I plan to add links to orphaned pages (those poor orphans ;:::( ) and expand on the mod pages featured on the main page.


    141 pages!

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  • Rikann-Z

    So, my first day on HexxitWiki, on the first day of Hexxit's release!

    I played Hexxit with my friends on a small server for about 3 hours today, in which time we came across about three stacks of diamonds and a dozen pirate ships (one of which we TNT'd using their own TNT) we died hundreds of times collectively.


    Which is why i decided to start editing pages on this wiki, getting it ready for the influx of people that need help. Once I get the chance to play it a bit more I'll add more pages to this wiki and eventually flesh it out a bit more. Currently we're stranded on a half-blown up pirate ship with a creeper spawner below-deck, and no land for about 200 blocks in every direction (our boats were destroyed in the blast).


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