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Biomes Most land biomes
Type Village
Size Varies
Mobs Villagers
Added By Vanilla

Villages,sometimes referred to as NPC Villages,are settlements found in vanilla Minecraft that are inhabited by Villagers, also known as Testificates.Villages contain various houses.Buildings in the village are randomized,except for the Well,which is a center of every village.Other than regular houses,Villages also contain farms that grow wheat,carrots and potatoes.Village can sometimes have a Blacksmith building with a chest inside containing random loot such as iron or diamonds,armor,tools or food.

Tinker's ConstructEdit

  • Tinkerer's Construct adds a blue villager, that has its own kind of house.His house contains Tinkers Construct stations inside,a Pattern chest,a chest containing tool parts and a Crafting table.There is ladder leading up to the roof.


  • Villages normally spawns only in Plains and Deserts, however, in HEXXIT, they also appear in extra biomes such as Alps, Wetlands, Autumn Forests and other biomes not in Vanilla Minecraft.Villages generating in these biomes mostly end up distorted.